About Me

My name is Sarah. What can I say about me? I am a christian. I am David's wife and Kaden's mommy! I am a nurse and love it! I love animals and being outdoors. I have a chihuahua, Vanessa, who is my baby.I love love love to shop, but in a frugal manner (yes, it can be done!). 

What is this blog going to be about? For a long time, I have been struggling with being a "godly wife." I am very high-strung and strong-willed (which can be a good and bad thing, especially in relationships.) I was doing a Bible study the other night about how to be a godly wife and I got a really strong calling to change my ways a lot. 
This blog is going to follow me as I try to serve God by serving my family at home. 

What is my game plan? Well, since the best way I can serve God is by serving my family, I had to figure out what that means. To me it means to play a few roles:
  • Helper- we were created by God to be our husbands' helpers. For me, this means to chill out a little and not freak out every time he does something that is different than the way that I would have handled it.
  • Cook- "nothing says lovin` like something from the over," right? Well, for me, I have to learn to cook. I am not domesticated AT ALL! But I am going to attempt it. This should be entertaining. Yes, I will share my failures along with my successes(oh I hope there are some!). 
  • Housekeeper- nothing makes DH happier than a clean home. I have been in school full-time since we were dating (6 years to be exact). Keeping a clean home has been a very hard task. I have OCD so I should be a neat freak, right? Wrong, I have been so so busy with trying to succeed at school that I have been failing at home. So, I am now learning how to FLY. She give baby-steps to be more organized in the home.
  • "Martha Stewart meets June Cleaver"- I am going to take the time to learn some skills such as... sewing, canning, baking from scratch, and gardening
  • Frugalista- my family has been struggling for the past 4 years. I am going to try to get us out of debt and spend less money. I really rely on Money Saving Mom for good ideas and resources.
  • Fitness Guru- While I was pregnant with Kaden, I gained 110 pound! It was related to serveral medical conditions I had when I was pregnant. And now, two years, later I have had trouble losing all of the weight and I am going to really start buckling down and losing these last few(75 to be exact) pesky pounds. DH needs to lose at least 60. So we are going to get in shape again if it kills us(and it may lol)
 It is going to be and interesting ride and I hope you'll join it with me!